Whitewater Rafting Rivers in Google Earth

Check these boxes to show: Camps Rapids and Points of Interest

The Google Earth feature on this page will stop working at some point during 2015, depending on which browser you are using. Google has announced the end of the Google Earth API technology this pages uses. If interested, details are here.

Installing the Google Earth Plug-In

This page uses the Google Earth browser 'plug-in' to allow you to view rafting trip rivers in 3D. You'll need to install it to use this feature. And, depending on the type of browser you're using, you may need to restart your browser or refresh this page after the install. Thereafter, Google Earth will take you to the launch point used for rafting trips on the particular river you selected. You can then explore the river using the navigation controls described below. Check the boxes above to show the locations of camps and rapids and other points of interest. The location data is provided courtesy of Rivermaps. Visit RiverMaps to take this kind of detail with you on your whitewater rafting trips.

** Watch for messages that appear at the top of your browser screen. Failure to respond to these may prevent the installation from continuing. **

Navigating the River in Google Earth

Being the geek that I am, when Google came out with this ‘plug-in’ version of Google Earth, I got hooked on it. Give it a try. Play with the little ‘eye’ gizmo in the upper right corner, which allows you to change the angle and direction of view. The gizmo below it with the hand icon allows you to slide forward and backward, and shift side to side. Once you get the angle of view set, careful clicking around the edge of this middle control allows you to literally fly down the river and explore the side canyons and surrounding territory as if you were in your own private helicopter. Enjoy!